Rural Minnesota Health Forum Breakout Sessions 

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A partnership of rural healthcare organizations working together to strengthen the delivery of healthcare in rural Minnesota.

  Session Materials are available for download and print

  1. Keynote Speaker - Jason Hunt
  2. MN Hospital Association
  3. Planning Pitfalls: Why Strategic Plans in Rural Facilities Don't Deliver
  4. Financial Excellence in Rural Healthcare During Challenging Times
  5. Beyond Bake Sales, Raffles, & Events: All the Secrets to Make a Thoughtful & Successful Gift Request
  6. Demo of Urinalysis Solution
    • Handout
  7. Supply Chain Disruption and Related Inflation
    • Handout
  8. Optimizing Critical Access Hosptial Reimbursement in a Everchanging Regulatory Environment
  9. Proactive Facilities Planning in a Dynamic Market: Forecasting Construction Costs, Drivers & Disruptors for the Future
  10. Seeing My Blind Spots - How to become aware of your leadership blind spots
  11. Resilience: Thriving through Change and Challenge
    • Handout
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