Minnesota Rural Health Cooperative (MRHC) was formed in 1995, in the year after the Minnesota State Legislature enacted the Minnesota Health Care Cooperative Act (Minnesota Rural Health Cooperative Stat. 62R et. seq. - "62R") to facilitate "the goals of containing healthcare costs, improving the quality of healthcare, and increasing the access of Minnesota citizens to healthcare services.”

"The MRHC has improved the level of healthcare significantly for rural Minnesota. The MRHC also seeks to improve the quality of care and the level of access by providing services that monitor and improve the quality in patient care, centralizing credentialing services that increase efficiency for both health plans and health care providers, and offering group purchasing opportunities and projects that save its members scarce financial resources."

Representatives Collin C. Peterson and Timothy Walz

  • The Mission of MRHC

    MN Rural Health Cooperative exists to provide (through its resources and services) positioning, integration and strategy in an ever-changing healthcare environment,

  • The Values of MRHC

    MN Rural Health Cooperative will be the voice of its rural hospital and clinic provider members as they deliver quality and cost effective health care in their communities.

  • MRHC Vision Statement

    MN Rural Health Cooperative will deliver its services in a manner best suited to cultivate viability of its member organizations.

Our Team

Denise Schneekloth

Executive Director
507-423-5300 ext 211

Mike Horner

Data and Contract Analyst
507-423-5300 ext 213

Brandi Gniffke

Survey Technician
507-423-5300 ext 214

Christina Wangen

Administrative Assistant
507-423-5300 ext 210

Our Services

We focus on providing the benefits and services to facilities and providers that are serving rural communities. There are a number of services that are especially beneficial to facilities and providers that are independent.

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